OMCIRC Is A Fully Compliant Facility

Dr. Recommendations

 We welcome all patients and prospective patients to visit our OK Medical Cannabis Information Resource Center. Our team can assist you with cannabis related questions as well as Dr. recommendations from the start of the process until your card arrives. 

Physicians are legally not allowed to discuss what medical marijuana products to use, how to administer the medication, or where to get it. 

In order to be in full Federal and State compliance, our patients meet with a Cannabis Coordinator in addition to the physician during your office visit. 

The Cannabis Coordinator’s role is to legally discuss ratio dosing, types of products available, how to administer medication, the history as  to why marijuana became illegal, and why this God-given medicine works……the EndoCannabinoid System. 

We offer hemp-derived high quality CBD products at competitive prices. 

All follow up visits are free.  

Be sure to ask about our referral program!